FIR Sauna

FIR is part of the natural spectrum of energy, given out by the sun – minus the harmful UV rays. It is outside of the spectrum of energy that we can see as light, but it is absolutely vital to our health as well as the health of all living things.

FIR can penetrate deep into tissues, allowing for increased circulation and relaxation right in the muscles themselves. FIR saunas do not have to be as hot as traditional saunas, so you can enjoy a soothing sauna break without excessive, damaging heat on your skin.

As well, T-ZONE Health saunas come equipped with a built in oxygen ionizer to clean and freshen the air inside. The air is slightly negatively charged, similar to the air close to a waterfall.

T-ZONE Health FIR saunas are state of the art relaxation and healing devices.

Made of Hemlock, Fir, and Russian Spruce wood, our saunas also features: